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When, with the help of my doughty administrator, I set up this website, I vowed (wisely, only to myself) that anyone who visited it once a month would find something new every time. Well, if there is such a person, they will recently have been disappointed. My last entry was eight weeks ago. Like many small sites, mine had become out of date. What excuse can I offer?

Well, back in June, I built a maze – a three-dimensional maze in my house and garden. On the lawn, the “walls” of the maze consisted of bed sheets hung from a grid of washing lines stretched from the fence posts. The sheets were supplemented with boards and other rigid items. With tables, I built a bridge you could cross over and under. In every dead end there was an interesting object to find. In the house, I turned sofas back uppermost to create barriers, which were also caves. The maze fulfilled a long-held dream of mine. It was enjoyed by young, participating children and watching adults. It was very satisfying for me – but at a cost. Although I am creative, I am not practical, organised or tidy. The project took weeks and I am still suffering from the disruption it left behind.

Meanwhile, I have written the first draft (book and lyrics) of a revue satirising the National Health Service, commissioned by a group of thespians in the Midlands to perform as a rehearsed reading. Occupied by these mad projects, I let the time slip by and forgot my readers. I apologise and will try to do better from now on.




John Snow, the TV presenter and “personality” was accused of chanting “F*** the Tories!” at Glastonbury. I don’t care if the Chief Rabbi chants “S** the Chu*** of ***land at Royal Ascot. If celebrities can’t occasionally do something small and silly and get away with it, how come the entire tower-block-cladding industry has got away with far, far worse for far, far longer?




to “trump” (old meaning) : a card-playing term, to play a card of a previously determined suit to beat an opponent’s  card of another suit.

to “Trump” (new meaning) : a cad-playing term, to storm out of the game, refusing to play any more by the generally agreed rules, complaining that they are unfair to the player with the strongest hand.



I am now offering a new service to my visitors – free comedy material. I realised that I had written a number of pieces – sketches, mini-dramas, song lyrics and so on, which might be useful for someone putting on a show. I liked the idea of sharing them with people with similar interests to my own. I felt it would be too much work to sell the scripts, so I am giving them away. Nearly all of them have been tried and tested by me or by people close to me. Do have a look on my new Comedy Material page. If you have any comments on individual pieces or on the service as a whole, I should be most grateful to receive them via the Contact Page.