“John Barclay . . . is incredible to watch. He had full command of the audience and delighted us all with some very entertaining work. Go and see John perform if you ever get the chance.” (Paula Brown of the People’s Poet)

” . . . thank you once again for stepping in at the last moment to speak to our literary society last week and for delivering such a fascinating, polished and hilarious talk about your travels. Our members really enjoyed it and I would love to book you again for a poetry presentation, probably for next season. In the meantime, I am recommending you to other groups and you should be hearing from . . . ” (speaker secretary)

“Watching John Barclay’s performance at the Bath Fringe Festival was inspiring. He fearlessly portrays a wide range of emotion appropriate to each poem. John is hugely entertaining and I would urge anyone to go and see him perform.”  (Carolyn Davies, voice-over artist)



John Barclay performing at Bournemouth Library

Sketch by Tim Naish of John Barclay performing at Bournemouth Library

John visits Anglebury Court, an old people’s home in Wareham, every month to perform his own and other poetry for the residents.





Tuesday 19th June   John will be speaking in Merley (near Wimborne) in the morning on “Round the World Without Flying”.

June 31st   John will be holding a slug race in his garden in Mercytown. Bring your own slug. The winner will be released into a flower bed; all other competitors will be barbecued and served with sautéed artichokes and tiny gluten-free quince-jelly tartlets with elderberry cordial.

Sunday 22nd July   The Rex Players will be taking part in the Wareham Carnival Procession. John and fellow players will be there in fancy dress.




John Barclay performing his poem The Iron Ball.