John Barclay in Dorset


John Barclay in Dorset

John Barclay’s poetic stile

Here are some of John’s shorter poems:

Blindingly Obvious (Christmas lights)


Harvest Home (Harvest through the ages)

Homo Sapiens? (Climate Change in a nutshell) 

Loyal Musings (H M The Queen)

Marching Song

Mrs Vaughan and the Gardener (sex, revenge and gardening)

Not Growing Old

Talking Turkey (a culinary disaster)

The Café Olé (a restaurant to forget)

The Grumblies (after Edward Lear)

The Iron Ball (a surreal incident)

The Top of the Heap (the arrogance of world leaders)

To a New Grandmother

You Have Been Warned (take care at Halloween)


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