We are a proud people. We are proud of our pride.
Others look up to us, ’cause we’re on the top of the heap.
Some say we are arrogant, but we are above such ‘chatter’.
Up here, on the top of the heap, we can see the whole world,
from our point of view, our exalted point of view.
We do no need to see it from any other.

We are so high, that those far below,
at the bottom of the heap, we hardly see at all.
We do not need to see them; do not wish to see them.
They are no threat to us, no use to us.
It is those higher up we have to watch,
lest they interfere or have something we want.

Up here the stench of the heap does not bother us.
If we trample those holding us up, it is because our boots are big.
No one has bigger boots. But our feet are bigger still.
Our weapons are the deadliest; they fly the furthest.
Even when our information or our aim is false,
we still hit the target – or something else.

Up here, no one can shit on us. If people criticise,
even from within our own ranks, we suppress them.
If they attack us, we are, of course, affronted.
We will not stoop to the depths that others stoop to, but if we do
it does not matter, for we’re on the top of the heap.
We apologise only when it suits us; that is a measure of our strength.

Since we are superior in every way, we cannot be expected
to treat others as we would treat ourselves.
We have the power to persuade people without listening to them.
If they are stubborn and will not come with us, we are not afraid
to go it alone. We have done it before and will do it again.
Our friends may march with us – as long as they sing our song.

We will promote the values that we hold most dear.
We believe in freedom – the freedom to do as we like.
Our sacred duty is to spread the way of life we know
to be right, even if we have to use force. The blood of others
is worth less than ours. When destiny calls you will see us
standing tall, holding the flag up high, on the top of the heap.

John Barclay


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